Vobyte is a company fullstack specialized in hardware, on-premises cloud, standard- and custom automation for small/medium businesses, large corporations, providers, university's, associations, foundations and government agencies. We provide consultancy and services for national and international data centers and enterprise corporations. For every question we have answers.

Fullstack Solutions (Global Hardware, Hosting and Cloud Solutions)

We deliver national and international full stack hosting and refurbished and new equipment, cloud equipment, servers, blades, switches, fully equipped networks, based on Microsoft/Linux/VMware and Apple products, Cisco and Juniper networking, Dell, HP and Custom Hardware, Dell EMC, Netapp and Custom storage, wireless internet configurations, encryptions, security (antivirus, certificates, load balancers, firewalls and protected files etc.), software implementations and support, web design, web development, hosting, clouds, colocation, dedicated servers. 

Vobyte Innovations for Fullstack Solutions:

 - Anno December 15, 2010 our additional internet services such as virtualization, streaming (Graphics), hosting, clustering, clouds and extra care in the broadest form of the word including diversion to other locations to realize for SME and SME+ 99.9 % uptime and a step further. 

 - Anno March 16, 2016 our additional on-premises, private, hybrid and public cloud solutions.

 - Anno June 1, 2017 our new hybrid cloud will be running in Asia Thailand BKK, Europe NL and VS Central.

 - Anno July 15, 2018 our hybrid cloud will have extra connections in Asia China BJ, BKK and VS MM.

 - Anno July 1, 2019 We start or Project Company under the name "Vobyte Enterprises"

 - Anno January 1, 2020 our new location will open in the North of the Netherlands nearby the German Border.

 - Anno February 1, 2020 We start or R&D Company under the name "Brightsquire" 

-  Anno January 1, 2021 our next goal will be open a new small office in Amsterdam.


We provide IT consulting for companies based on interim and project basis, think of migration, projects, on-boarding applications, innovation, creativity, management, operations and infrastructure in the organisation. IT business processes we can adapt here to help you out so it can not prevent the organisation. We do specialisation to allow the architecture and infrastructure play a better role in the organisation. The roles that we use it for its certified IT infrastructure specialists, IT infrastructure architects, Linux/Unix specialists, storage specialists, business hardware specialists, Technical writers, web developers, network and cyber/security specialists. We can also help you get started with performance problems and re-design question papers. Our focus is on engineering, structural solutions, short lines and solid solutions with the focus on quality. For every problem is a solution, for every demand piece is, of course, an answer. For questions, don't hesitate to contact us by email also see or solutions page. 


We have 26 years working experience at standard and enterprise level in ICT and more then 10 years entrepreneurship in the company's in the following sectors ICT, Broadcast, Telecom, Finance, and Transport. Particularly specialised in Windows/Linux, Azure, Azure Stack, Openstack, OpenLDAP, FreeIPA, Active Directory, Radius, Cisco (IOS/NexusOS), Juniper (JuneOS) and storage (EMC, Ceph, Nexenta, and Netapp). In addition, experience with the following Firewalls: Asa line, pfSense, Checkpoint, Palo Alto, Barracuda, and F5. Escalations? Also, we can help with following analytical it skills and give advice where necessary.