Projects what we developed, custom made and tested for production standards and enterprise levels.

Also like other companies, we are obviously busy with testing / trying out new applications and the latest gadgets. In this story, we go our own way and of course, we listen to what the customer indicates and what is their expectation. In this case, we test it and we check all of the main products if it is really the reality. Is it? Is it really such a good product? If not, we apply other products, and / or we apply to make custom made products, so we can check what you really need and we not want ist buy a pig in a poke. You will not be the first customer purchase those products and not use it.

The following projects that are being tested extensively at this time.

System written in Python Test
Openstack Develop
Azure (Cloud) Develop
Puppet (System Automation) Develop
Streaming Network Test
Hypervisor vs paravirtualization Test
Ubuntu Clusters Test
Azure Stack Develop
AWS (Cloud) Test
Openstack (Cloud) Prod
Ansible Test
Blockchain Networks Test
Fast IPSec Networks Prod

Do you want something tested? Or do you want to change something in your company?

As you can see, we are always interested in new technologies. Do you have something to share? Do you have something you'd like to have tested? We also can help you to find out what is an ideal product for your environment or we can develop custom-made products. We look beyond our vision or advice, but we have also the experience and vision and we can help with custom made standards and make it enterprise ready. Mail us at