We can offer you the following enterprise solutions. Managed Services, Consultancy, Solution Advise and Projects base on IT Architectural level and Quality. We can do this also world wide and help with redesigning problems if that is needed. We also give you good reason to go the cloud, give you hybrid solutions or give you a good reason to not go to the cloud but use on-premises or private solutions.

1. Managed Services

Our managed security and infrastructure services help you with the activities in your technology environments. We offer you technical expertise, consistent services and flexibility with multiple suppliers, technologies and geographical locations. Lower your overhead and improve efficiency by using our scale, experience, expertise and high standardization. We also offer high custom solutions if standards are out of the question.

- Pro Active 24/7 Maintaining and Services
- Base on Dailey, Weekly and Monthly services
- Service Level Agreement (SLA 99,6%)
- Operation Level Agreement (OLA 50%, 75% or 100%)

We do "Servicedesk" First/Second line (Skilled) and "Specialist" Third line (Skilled)
 - OLA Agreement Services
 - SLA Agreement Services

We don't do "Servicedesk" (Non skilled) but we have partners for doing quality 60% until 75% / quantity 100%
  - OLA Agreement Services

We also offer extra automation custom solutions for customers when standards are not possible, we can offer custom solutions with a submitted OLA
 - Submitted OLA Agreement Services (deletions, additions or changes) only every quarter possible depends on the weight of the project.

The "ways" of "working" we use:


- Combination Agile

What "methods" we use:

Depends on the department:

- KanBan long term quality

- Scrum short term quantity (if that is possible)

2. Consultancy

We offer small and long term consultancy in all kind of IT Solutions based on interim and project basis, advise, think of migration, projects, innovation, creativity, management, operations and infrastructure in the organization. IT business processes we can adapt here to help you out so it can not prevent the organization. We do specialization to allow the architecture and infrastructure play a better role in the organization. The roles that we use it for its Certified IT infrastructure specialists, IT infrastructure architects, Linux specialists, Storage specialists, Business hardware specialists, Web developers, Network and Security specialists. We can also help you get started with performance problems and re-design question papers. Our focus is on engineering, structural solutions, short lines and solid solutions with the focus on quality. If needed we can help you with outsourcing to better platforms with a focus on your business.

3. Solution Advise

For advise we use the following way: Fase 1 "Assessment", Fase 2 "Technical Advise" and Fase 3 "Evolution Research".


Inventory research serves to gain insight into the current state of affairs or the initial situation; that can be the extent of certain problems, or the way in which policy is implemented in practice. Inventory research can stand alone, but can also be part of an evaluation.

Technical Advise

Do you value that alternative options are carefully considered? With us you will find experts who will take stock of various options, work out the consequences of these alternatives and design technical solutions. Ultimately, a solution must be created with a future and technical foundation that is aligned with the processes and functions of the company and employees. We look at the possibilities in the field of design, redesign and troubleshooting, taking into account business processes. Our objective is to realize efficient and attractive solutions in which the various disciplines, such as architecture, platform, network and applications, are in balance with each other.

Evolution Research

Evaluative research is the collective name for research in which the central question is whether the policy objective has been achieved.

4. Projects

Projects what we developed, custom made and tested for production standards and enterprise levels. Also like other companies, we are obviously busy with testing / trying out new applications and the latest gadgets. In this story, we go our own way and of course, we listen to what the customer indicates and what is their expectation. In this case, we test it and we check all of the main products if it is really the reality. Is it? Is it really such a good product? If not, we apply other products, and / or we apply to make custom made products, so we can check what you really need. You will not be the first customer purchase or sign for the wrong solutions in a project and not use it.

Way of Working we use the following processes:



- Model of Royce
- Sashimi Model
- Aorta Lifecycle Model
- V Model

Way two of Working

- Agile


- KanBan long term quality

- Scrum short term quantity

- Combination ITIL Change processing (We always let you know what is the risk and the impact for the business when we do something)

- Combination With Security and Cybersecurity Models